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Houston Sudbury School

1936 Dolly Wright St
Houston , TX , 77088-7719
Phone: (281) 847-4244
29° 52' 3.846" N, 95° 26' 25.782" W
Contact name: 
Aryeh Grossman
Play.Learn.Grow... Giving Houston parents a bold new choice in education, Houston Sudbury School is a non-profit private school that offers children aged five to eighteen the rich benefits of self-directed learning in a mixed-age environment. Our students are fully empowered to spend their days as they choose and have an equal voice and vote in all matters involved in running their school, journeying to independence in a safe environment that balances freedom with responsibility.

The Sudbury model of education originated at the Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, MA in 1968.  Sudbury schools are characterized by mixed-age students learning that is 100% self-directed and self-determined, with complete freedom and control over their education, by democratic governing and decision-making for all matters concerning the school through the School Meeting, and by a system of justice available through the Judicial Committee.   The underlying principles of the Sudbury model are that children learn best when learning is self-initiated, relevant, organic and play-based.  That when freedom and empowerment are mixed with responsibility and accountability in a stable community, children mature into logical, reasonable, flexible adults with high self-esteem and a tremendous capacity to learn whatever they need to learn.  There are now more than 60 Sudbury model schools worldwide.  

HSS Free-Play Summer Camp 

All day free-play within the Sudbury model of education. Campers spend their days free to pursue their interests, participate in Judicial Committee, plan outings, and enjoy all the benefits of freedom+responsibility in a mixed-age community.  The HSS Free-Play Summer Camp is open to all Houston area children, ages 5-13.