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Art Full of Joy Dance & Woke Gaming

We are a full-service dance studio and tabletop RPG custom game creation studio, with special programs set aside for children and youth.


Much of today’s culture is about isolation; we are more connected digitally, but less connected personally. We have more options than ever but feel more paralyzed and less able to act. Woke Gaming is a spiritually-centered professional RPG company located in Webster, TX dedicated to breaking down walls and helping people connect while building artistic and life skills they can get almost nowhere else. Art Full of Joy is a full service dance studio which teaches people of all ages the true nature of connection through partnered dance instruction in swing, country and Ballroom styles of dance.

Led by pro game runners Joshua Orsak and Michael Leedy, Woke Gaming’s unique approach to tabletop RPG emphasizes the role playing and storytelling aspects of the gaming experience and combines a positive message with an artistic approach that makes the games more like improv than more traditional games like Dungeons and Dragons. Yet what we do captures the purpose of those older forms of gaming, and many who have played them say that Woke Gaming is what they always wanted D&D to be, but never was.

Joshua Orsak is the primary instructor for Art Full of Joy dance studio. He has won competitions in smooth ballroom and has made finals in west coast swing and hustle competitions. Joshua helps bring out the fun in dance instruction while making sure what is taught is the highest level of instruction, all under the watchful eye of his coaches Richard Blachford and Angel Bush.

Our business has built an artistic community like no others, connected by their quest for excellence in what has become their primary form of creative expression, and in the message of connectedness and joy that we spread. We are able to custom-make games geared to any genre, and to craft dance programs that fit your specific needs. Our strong suit is customer service. Come and see if what we have to offer is what meets your needs and the needs of your children.

After school tabletop RPG games and dance classes.